4 Beneficial Ways You Can Relieve Sciatica Pain

If you have sciatica, you know how painful it can be. Having the nerves across your buttocks to your legs doesn’t seem like it would hurt so bad, but it can be very debilitating. If you are pregnant or have a slipped disc, knowing how to relieve sciatic pain can be a great way to get much-needed comfort. Below are four ways you can relieve your sciatic pain.

4 Beneficial Ways You Can Relieve Sciatica Pain

Find Out Easy Ways To Relieve Your Sciatica Pain!

Get a Professional Massage

Massages are an excellent way to treat any sciatic pain flare-ups because massages increase blood circulation. When there is muscle tension or inflammation in your legs or buttocks, getting a massage can loosen up your muscles and release some of that pain.

Use an Ice Pack and Heating Pad

If for some reason you aren’t able to get a massage, a great way to release some of that tension and nerve pain is by using an ice pack and then a heating pad. The ice pack is able to reduce the inflammation caused by sciatica pain, while the heating pad relieves tension.

Incorporate Yoga and Stretching

Both yoga and stretching can be a great way to decrease sciatic pain because it loosens up those muscles in your buttocks and legs that are riddled with nerve pain caused by sciatica.

Exercise More!

Exercising more might seem like it would make the pain a lot worse, but you are getting your blood pumping, which will increase the circulation and reduce some of the nerve pain and inflammation.

If you have sciatica pain, we recommend going to a chiropractor. At Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we are able to provide electrical muscle stimulation in Chambersburg, PA that can provide relief for your sciatic pain. Call us at (717) 263-8919 to learn more.