Things to Consider if You Get a Standing Desk

Standing Desk

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Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years. Some people insist that they’re superior to standard desk chairs, since sitting all day, every day can have negative physical results. However, if you’re getting a standing desk, there are some things to consider before you start using it.

To Go from Sitting for Long Periods to Standing for Long Periods is a Major Change

If you’re accustomed to sitting all day, you may feel better after doing some standing. However, your body may not be used to standing for so long and you may experience some other negative side effects. Adjust to the change slowly. Sit for a while, then stand for a while, and let your body get used to it.

Standing All Day Comes with Its Own Problems

Standing may be better in many ways. However, as anyone whose career involves standing for very long periods will tell you, standing all day long can hurt you, too. If you get a standing desk, it may be best not to rely on it entirely. Instead, stand as a break from sitting, and then sit as a break from standing. Create a nice balance for the sake of your body.

Remember Your Posture

While it’s been said that perfect posture all the time can cause back pain, it’s important to be aware of how your posture affects your body. The important thing is to stay comfortable. If you find that standing a certain way hurts, try sitting. If sitting a certain way hurts, shift, or take that time to stand. Find the posture at your desk that makes you feel better.

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