Can Carpal Tunnel be Treated Without Surgery?

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Dealing with the pain

Carpal Tunnel treatment” are three words that we have heard more about in the past 20 years, and you may wonder what is that where is that, and why all the attention to it now? Well, the carpal tunnel is in the wrist. We all have one; it is part of our anatomy. There is a median nerve running through our arm and forearm. It goes through the carpal tunnel to the wrist and on to our hands. The median nerve is what gives our index, middle, ring, and thumb feeling and controls the muscles at the base of our thumb. 

Most of us have heard the term “carpal tunnel syndrome,” and many of us either know somebody that has had Carpal tunnel treatment to fix it, or we have it ourselves. Still, there are a lot of us that may ask “What is carpal tunnel syndrome?”, and we offer the following description: 

When the median nerve that runs through our arms and to the wrist becomes compressed, it creates a traffic jam of sorts in that Carpal Tunnel. Thus, “carpal tunnel syndrome” is formed.  That tunnel becomes narrow as the bones and ligaments pinch the nerve on the palm. Numbness with tingling in the hand and arm, making them weak results.

So, what causes carpal tunnel, and does Carpal tunnel treatment truly fix this condition? For some of us, it is the anatomy of the wrist. For others, it is other health problems we have, for instance: 

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Failure
  • Lymphedema
  • Menopause
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Thyroid Disorders

To determine What triggers carpal tunnel?, let’s look at the most common activity among those who seek and receive Carpal tunnel treatment is repetitive hand motions, such as typing. Note the word “typing” and think about the past 20 years where computers have become not only the “norm” but a standard way of living now. The human body wasn’t designed to sit at a desk on a computer. 

How do you know if your carpal tunnel is severe?

When you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll have some discomfort from time to time that you learn to live with but can go on about your day. Some days, your hands are weaker than others. You may drop things more frequently.  As it becomes more severe, though, you may need to have a doctor examine you and see if any damage has happened, that may indicate you need Carpal tunnel treatment. 

Over time, the muscles could shrink in your hand(s), they’ll begin cramping more, and the pain will become worse. The function of the median nerve starts to slow down from the irritation and pressure around it. Carpal tunnel syndrome gets to a point for some people, they lose function of their hand, the nerve impulses slow down, they lose coordination, feeling, and strength in their fingers, hand, and especially the thumb. At this point, Carpal tunnel treatment may not be an option anymore if you want to be able to dress, feed, and do other bodily functions yourself. 

How do you fix carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery? 

Do medical experts know how to fix carpal tunnel syndrome? Yes, there have been advances and discoveries in Carpal tunnel treatment with and without surgery. Like many other health issues in our lives today, carpal tunnel syndrome can be corrected with lifestyle changes, if diagnosed early, meaning the symptoms have not become severe.  

Some non-surgical options and Carpal tunnel treatments vs surgery may include:

  • Improve and avoid positions that overextend your wrist.
  • Wear a wrist splint at night that holds your hand in a neutral position as you sleep.
  • Take OTC or prescribed medication that reduces inflammation. Sometimes, doctors may prescribe steroid injections.
  • Treat other health conditions that contribute to carpal tunnel swelling like gout, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or thyroid disease.

Other Carpal tunnel treatment includes alternative therapies that have helped others are hand therapy and yoga. The hand and wrist muscles are weak and will get smaller because the median nerve is pinched. You can change habits that have caused the syndrome, and it can take six months or longer for the symptoms to subside. If they are persistent, surgery may be the only option to get total relief. 

How long does it take for carpal tunnel to heal?

As we mentioned above, sometimes, surgery is needed for a Carpal tunnel treatment to get complete relief. If surgery is recommended, it will involve cutting the ligament that is pressing on the median nerve in your carpal tunnel (remember, we all have one in both arms. Normal use of the wrist returns within a few weeks, some people it may take a few months.

Successful Carpal tunnel treatment and surgery will include the being regimented doing the exercises for fingers, hand, and wrist as instructed by the doctor. Otherwise, the wrist will stiffen, and you could lose the use of that hand. 

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Getting A Grip On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Can carpal tunnel be cured naturally? There are home remedies that can relieve the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Rest the affected hand and wrist for two weeks
  • Use anti-vibration products with vibrating tools
  • Wear a wrist brace or splint that allows the median nerve to rest
  • Gentle exercise of the fingers, hand, and wrist
  • Massage back of the hand, the wrists, and palms
  • Wear work gloves for hand and wrist protection
  • Apply heat to the wrist to ease pain
  • Wear an ice pack on hands and wrist to lessen swelling

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