Carpal Tunnel Treatments For Daily Use

Photo of Carpal TunnelCarpal tunnel syndrome affects many Americans nowadays. This syndrome is developed over time due to repetitive actions we take with our hands, wrists and arms. This can lead to pinched nerves in your wrists which cause numbness and tingling, along with other potential symptoms. Pain from carpal tunnel can make it hard to complete tasks and even impede upon your job performance. For those of us that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, there are some ways you can reduce the strain on your hands and wrists. These may reduce the pain and allow you to get back to work.

Ways to Tend to Carpal Tunnel

# 1 Take Regular Breaks

Much like any activity, you need to take breaks. Your muscles and tendons need to relax and re-adjust over time. Every fifteen minutes or so, pause from what you are doing and move your fingers by wiggling and clenching. This will return blood flow and let them relax.

# 2 Mind Your Typing and Taping

We do not always realize it, but sometimes we get so into or frustrated with a task at hand we type or write differently. This can mean increased pressure on not only keys and pens, but your joints as well. Try to be cognizant of how you are writing and keep your typing and writing light.

# 3 Stretches for Relief

Built-up pressure in your wrist can be lessened through stretching exercises. When finding these exercises, make sure to look for wrist and arm exercises. These will be the best for your carpal tunnel. Also, have a specialist advise you of any they would recommend.

# 4 Splints and Pain Relief

A temporary relief, using a wrist wrap or splint to keep your wrist straight can help relieve some pain, giving you relief for the day. These are easy to come by at your local pharmacy and are designed for different situations.

# 5 Chiropractic Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Finally, chiropractic carpal tunnel treatment can help you relieve the pain of carpal tunnel with wellness planning and treatment designed specifically for you. These will help you relieve pain and stave off future numbness.

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