Chiropractic Adjustment & Manipulation

chiropractic adjustment Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab combines physical therapy techniques with time-tested chiropractic methods to create a unique treatment plan for our patients. Our licensed professionals know that using a variety of treatments is the best way to help patients recover from their injuries. By combining the experience and expertise of a team of chiropractors and physical therapists, patients will undergo a treatment plan that is specifically designed to meet their recovery needs from several angles. One of the ways that the staff at Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab treats back pain and other issues is chiropractic adjustment and spinal manipulation. These two common chiropractic treatments have been proven to help many patients relieve pain and prevent future pain episodes. Schedule your chiropractic adjustment in Chambersburg, PA by calling Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab today.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment or Spinal Manipulation?

Adjustments and manipulations are commonly used techniques to address lower back pain. A chiropractor applies pressure and manipulates the patient’s back to correct the effects of abnormal movement or physical injuries.

The goal of these manipulations is to improve range of motion, function and reduce nerve irritation. Adjustments and manipulations are largely achieved by applying pressure to vertebrae through contorting the patient’s body through either slow or fast movements depending on the intention of the chiropractic professional.

You may hear some bones pop during an adjustment or manipulation. This is completely normal and is nothing more than nitrogen being released from your joints and is harmless. You may also experience mild discomfort that quickly dissipates in favor of pain relief.

Treating Subluxation with Adjustments and Manipulations

Subluxation is one of the issues typically treated by chiropractors with manipulations and adjustments. It is medically defined as “a partial abnormal separation of the articular surfaces of a joint.” This condition manifests itself in two ways:

  1. Hyperemia: when blood flow is obstructed, an excess of blood can accumulate and cause discomfort.
  2. Congestion: joint dysfunction can lead to muscles with trigger points where toxins may develop, irritating the muscle and nerves, leading to pain.

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