Chiropractic Tools & Gadgets for Adjustments

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to chiropractic care or dabbling into this realmTools & Gadgets for Chiropractic Adjustments of wellness for the first time, it can be fascinating to look around your chiropractor’s office and see gadgets and tools galore. If you’re recovering from a major surgery or injury, these may be old hat to you, but for others these methods may be less frequently used. Nevertheless, interest is no doubt piqued, so we wanted to share some insight into what some of the most common therapeutic tools are when it comes to chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.

Keep in mind that all chiropractors practice a little differently, so you may see variations on techniques and methods used. But you should always feel comfortable asking questions and inquiring about your health. In fact, they’ll probably love to talk to you about it!

Tools of the Chiropractic Trade

  • Activator Adjusting Instrument – This is the illustrious “gun” that is utilized with the Activator Method to provide assistance with adjusting the spine, joints, or pelvis. The subtle rapid fire movement quickly and effectively moves the maladjustment back into place, and is often used in combination with manual manipulation via the thrust motion you may be accustomed to.
  • Drop Table – This specialized table is adjusted by your chiropractor based on weight and treatment area to use less pressure while still delivering an effective alignment based on the “drop” movement of the table in response to the thrusting motion of your provider. It may take some getting used to, but can be a gentle experience that you’ll grow to enjoy.
  • Massage – OK, so this one isn’t a stranger to most of us, but it’s a critical aspect of physical therapy for many folks. It’s not uncommon for a chiropractic clinic to have a masseuse on hand to provide muscle and joint therapy via light or deep pressure and massage. Some offices also offer lymphatic drainage massage and detox treatments (such as foot baths) to assist with overall wellness goals.
  • TENS UnitThis method is often employed when nerve pain is present and can help reduce acute or chronic pain, and even stimulates your body to produce endorphin to assist with pain relief. Sticky pads are strategically placed on the area in need of relief, and electrical impulses are adjusted to effectively block pain signals. This may be used before or after an adjustment, and may even be recommended for at-home therapy.
  • Traction Table – Patients may spend a brief period on the traction table — or utilizing another traction device — prior to adjustments to help stretch and massage muscles for effective adjustment. These devices typically feature rollers that are mechanized to roll out and stretch the back.

Now you’re in the know! And again, if you see something unfamiliar to you or a treatment method is recommended, be sure to ask more about it so you can better participate in your wellness care plan.

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