Braces and Taping

Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab combines proven chiropractic techniques with the latest in physical therapy to create comprehensive pain treatment and injury recovery plans for all of our patients. We know that every patient has a unique body and medical history, meaning that every patient requires a plan that is tailored to their specific needs. There are many different ways to treat the same and similar injuries, which is why we offer the experience and expertise of licensed chiropractors as well as physical therapists who work together to create a treatment plan that best fits your recovery. Depending on you injury and pain, your treatment may include specialized chiropractic bracing and taping in Chambersburg, PA that stabilizes affected areas.

When to Use Bracing and Taping

Depending on your particular injury, our team of professionals may recommend the use of braces, taping or splints for additional support during your recovery. A properly sized brace or other support can help prevent further injury as well as provide correct posture to promote the healing process.

While braces provide much-needed support for injured joints and muscles, prolonged usage canwrist brace on wrist result in loss of muscle strength as your muscles will become accustomed to the brace’s support. Additionally, these are support mechanisms that do not heal your injuries. Instead, they merely provide supplemental support, reducing strain and further aggravation so that your body can heal without impediment.

Modern braces and other support technology are more advanced that ever before which means that our chiropractors and physical therapists can ensure that you have a brace that fits properly to provide the kind of support you need to heal after an injury.

Back braces may be particularly effective in helping address scoliosis and other back conditions in children. A brace can prevent further curvature of the spine as well as correct existing curves. Because children are still growing, braces can be particularly effective by providing the extra support their backs need to correct spine curvatures.

Learn more about braces and taping in Chambersburg, PA to help relieve pain and assist with your recovery.