Exercise Rehab

exercise and therapy room Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab knows that combining traditional chiropractic care with contemporary physical therapy techniques produces an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan that can reduce your pain and restore your balance, strength and flexibility. Of course, part of our pain management and rehabilitation services include exercise rehab in Chambersburg, PA. Whether you are an experienced athlete recovering from a sports injury or have back pain after a car wreck or job site injury, Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab will put together the perfect plan for your recovery. We know that every patient is different with their own particular set of physical and medical needs, which is why we take the time to develop a coordinated treatment plan tailored to your specific rehab and recovery needs.

What is Exercise Rehab?

Rehabilitation or rehab for short is the process of regaining full function, mobility, flexibility and strength after sustaining an injury. Exercise rehab is a technique that employs a variety of exercises targeting specific muscle groups affected by an injury. These exercises help build strength and restore your movement and mobility to pre-injury levels so that you can get back to normal.

What Areas Can Exercise Rehab Target?

There is virtually no area of your body that exercise rehab can’t help restore function to. It’s simple – because you can work out all of the muscles on your body, you can use exercise rehab as an effective part of your rehab and recovery plan. Many of the common injury areas treated with exercise rehab include elbows, hips, ankles, back, wrists, hands and any body part experiencing reduced mobility, flexibility and strength after an injury.

What Exercises Are Included in Rehab and Recovery?

Because Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab creates a unique treatment plan based on your medical history and current injuries and pain, many different exercises may be included as a part of your exercise rehab in Chambersburg, PA. Luckily we have all of the fitness and exercise equipment you will need for your recovery in our clinic. Some common rehab exercises include Pilates, free weights, resistance bands, balance balls, plyometrics and stretching. A combination of these exercises often produces the best results which is why we build your treatment program to address your injury.