Sports Injury Rehab and Recovery

physical therapy Madiera Chiropractic and Rehab combines chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy to provide our patients a variety of treatment options so that we can address their condition from multiple angles. By blending multiple fields, we are creating comprehensive rehab and recovery plans for our patients that meet their individual recovery needs. Our first session with all of our patients is spent reviewing the patient’s medical history and current condition and will take about one hour. Subsequent sessions will take about a half hour. However, treatment times can vary based on the specifics of your rehabilitation plan.

The licensed chiropractors and physical therapists at Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab offer a variety of ways to relieve pain and assist in sports injury rehab in Chambersburg, PA. We know that injuries can occur while playing any sport and can affect any part of your body. Often injuries to joints, tendons and bones need to be addressed by professionals to ensure that they heal properly. Of course, there are some injuries that occur more often than others as well as more minor and severe injuries. Depending on the particular injury, our professional team can help you with braces and taping or exercise rehab among other treatment options.

Specialized Plan for You

playing tennis on a tennis courtRegardless of the treatment that is right for you, our goal is to return our patients’ range of motion, flexibility and strength back to pre-injury levels. Simply, we want to help you return to your physical condition before your experienced your injury so that you can get back out there on that field or court. Several of the treatment methods that we provide include regular stretching and exercise such as weight lifting or resistance training. When you choose Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab you can be sure that you are choosing a clinic with all of the experience and equipment you need for safe and effective sports injury rehab in Chambersburg, PA.

If you have any questions, it is best to contact us and consult one of our chiropractors or physical therapists to learn more. If you have suffered a sports injury and need physical rehab, make an appointment today with Madeira Chiropractic and Rehab and get on the road to recovery.