The Reasons for Cracking Joints

Cracking Joints

Simple Stretches Before a Workout Can Avert Cracking or Clicking Joints.

Practically everyone experiences the phenomenon of cracking joints. In fact, for some people, it happens enough to cause concern. Different factors can lead to cracking joints in your hands, legs, neck, and back. Before you become too anxious about these sounds, consider the actual reasons behind the phenomenon. In the vast majority of cases, they present no cause for worry.

Tight Muscles

Some people may hear a clicking or other soft noise when they work out or engage in strenuous activity. This usually occurs because of tight muscles. Unless properly stretched, a muscle can rub against bone, cause friction, and emit these sounds.

Nitrogen Bubbles

The repetitive cracking of some people’s knuckle joints comes from the natural presence of nitrogen bubbles. Nitrogen accumulates in the open spaces between your finger joints, and gets released through the cracking noise. This activity is rarely a cause for concern.

Get Active

Regular movement provides the easiest strategy to rid your body of the cause of cracking joints. The longer you sit or lie down, the less lubricated your joints become. Natural movement stimulates the fluids in your body, keeps your joints loose and free, and counteracts the causes of joint discomfort or noise.

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