How To Relieve Lower Back Pain With Exercise

lower back pain exercises

Lower back pain can be incredibly frustrating, but there are ways to address it!

Are you experiencing recurring lower back pain? This can sometimes be caused by additional stresses placed on your pelvis and lower back, or lumbar spine. Did you know that weak muscles can attribute for some of those additional stresses? However, this can also be caused by faulty lumbar facet joints, so it is important to see your chiropractor before engaging in any exercises! Once you get the all clear from your specialists, give these stretching and strengthening exercises a try. Your stretching exercises can be completed daily, but keep you strengthening exercises down to a few days a week, so that your muscles have time to rest. These exercises are designed to target your abdominal muscles and your gluteal muscles, all of which provide essential support to your spine!


This exercise is similar to a traditional crunch, but with a few key changes. Lie on your back and bend your knees, with your feet on the floor, shoulder width apart. Keeping a neutral spine, bring your navel towards your knees, and reach your arms over your head. Return to the floor slowly, and raise your head and shoulders about an inch off of the floor, and hold that position for 3 seconds.Continue for as long as you can, but if you can no longer keep your spine in a neutral position, be sure to stop. Good form is more important than more reps.


This move will require the use of a couch or bench, though the firmest surface will work best. Again, while maintaining a neutral spine, lie on your stomach this time, while leaving your hips and legs off of the bench. Utilizing your gluteal muscles, slowly extend your right leg up towards the ceiling and hold for 5 seconds. Slowly lower that leg back down, and repeat with your left leg. It is smart to do between 5 and 15 repetitions per leg, depending on your current strength levels. Again, the most important part is to maintain a neutral spine.

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