Relieving Upper Back and Neck Pain

Woman with Shoulder Pain

Get relief from back and shoulder pain

Do you have trouble with tension and stiffness in your upper back and shoulders? There are a few common habits we have that can cause this. But there are ways to fix it fast! Here are some changes you can make to help lessen the tension in your shoulders:

Stress affects your breathing which can cause tension in your upper back and neck. When we are stressed we can get in the habit of shallow breathing. This type of breathing puts a lot more work on the muscles in your neck and shoulders causing them to strain. Try to be mindful of how you breathe while sitting. Take deep breaths into your belly which expands the ribs and diaphragm more. Not only does deep breathing help to overcome the stiffness in your neck and shoulders, but it helps you relax better in stressful situations as well.

Your posture plays a big part in muscle fatigue and stiffness too. When you are sitting for long periods of time, do you find yourself hiking your shoulders so they are almost level with your ears? This happens most often when you are stressed or sitting for hours at a time. This will lead to tension and pain in the muscles and can even cause tension headaches.

Another thing to consider with your posture is how well your head is aligned with your shoulders. If your head is extended forward, it will require the muscles in your neck to work harder to keep your head up. The further your head is pulled forward, the more weight is put on your neck too. To combat this, and hiking your shoulders, make yourself a note or set a reminder to stretch and adjust your sitting position to help relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

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