Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Back and Neck

It’s tempting, we know: Your back or neck feels out of place and you feel like one pop would put everything back into alignment. However, there are several important reasons not to be your own chiropractor or have a friend crack your back in this situation.

Undiagnosed Problemscrack your back

The first reason cracking your own back is risky is you could actually make the problem worse. The reason for your pain or discomfort could be more serious than you think. A slipped disc or spinal curve could be the cause and cracking your neck yourself — although it might make you feel better — could be worse for you in the long run. It’s always better to go to a chiropractor if your neck or back feel stiff or misaligned rather than going the DIY route to crack your back.

Unintended Consequences

Especially around the neck area, there are several vital organs and systems at play. Your spinal cord is particularly vulnerable when you crack your neck, which could lead to paralysis in more serious cases! However, there are also several muscles, blood vessels and nerves in the area that you could disrupt without realizing it at the time.

Long-Term Results

When you pop your back and neck continually over a long period of time, the ligaments in the area that help hold up your entire body will loosen. The end result of DIY cracking and popping? More back and neck problems. The fact is a healthy back has the stability to realign itself. However, if you’re experiencing pain, it’s best to see an expert. When you consult a professional chiropractor, they will use their knowledge and expertise, as well as X-rays, to determine the problems with your back. Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is the best in the business for chiropractic services in Chambersburg, PA! Call us at (717) 263-8919 today!