Spore Biotics

Immune issues? Digestive Issues? Inflammation? We can help! Introducing…

Spore Biotics

Inside and outside of our bodies live billions of beneficial bacteria that are necessary for our existence and good health.  Large portions of these bacteria reside within our small and large intestines.  We MUST have the proper balance of bacteria in our gut in order to break down and metabolize our food.  Gut bacteria play a key role in this process.  The beneficial bacteria are called Probiotics.

Our Standard American Diet (SAD) has a tendency to create a very unhealthy environment in our gut for beneficial bacteria to multiply and survive.  This is due to the lack of bacteria and fiber in our SAD.

The importance of establishing a healthy gut environment cannot be overstated.

Hippocrates said, “all disease begins in the gut.”  It is believed that 75% of our immune system is directly linked to our gut.  Most people that are experiencing disease, pain, or inflammation also are experiencing digestive issues.  

Probiotic supplements were created to help with the issues of the gut.  The problem with standard probiotics capsules is; how do the live bacteria survive the heat and acid of the digestive process?  It is believed that only a small percentage can survive this harsh environment to begin the job they are to accomplish.  

Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation offers two possible solutions beyond probiotics to aid in establishing a healthy gut environment.  First, we will introduce a product called Ortho Spore IG.

Here is Testimony from one of our patients at Madeira Chiropractic concerning Ortho Spore IG.  “Just wanted to say thank you for your advice!  I am not bloated and constantly hungry.  I feel better every day and have already dropped 9 pounds.”

We really feel that Spore based probiotics could be a game-changer in moving your health goal in a positive direction.

In our next post, we will introduce another Spore-based program called Total Gut Restoration by Microbiome Labs.  Stay tuned! 

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