Stretches That Help Relieve Tension In Shoulders

Shoulder Tension

Try These Stretches To Alleviate Shoulder Tension and Pain!

If you work all day sitting at a desk, you’ve certainly heard all of the warnings associated with poor posture and back pain. If you have noticed a persistent pain or tightness in your shoulders, you aren’t alone! This is very common in individuals who sit for prolonged periods of time. Today we will discuss a few stretches that can relieve tension in your back and shoulders, and hopefully provide you with some relief!

Chin Retractions

This move is great for those of us that look at computer screens for long periods of time. Simply look straight ahead with your chin extended, and then retract it by moving your head straight backwards without tilting. Do this ten times, or as many times as it feels right!

T, Y, & I Stretches

For this simple stretch, you have 3 different poses. Standing up straight, stretch your arms out completely at shoulder level to create a T shape, and then move slowly to a Y shape, and finally an I shape. As you bring your arms back down, repeat the shapes and continue as needed,

Arm Circles

While you’re standing, try this simple move as well. Just like it sounds, you’ll want to create a circle with your arm. Start by stretching one arm directly in front of you, and raise it up and back to start the circle. Repeat a few time, then switch direction, When you finish with one arm, don’t forget to do the other!

Hopefully these stretches can help you stay loose throughout your day! If you continue to experience shoulder tension, be sure to give our team a call at (717) 263-8919 for expert assistance!