Treatment And Tips For Headaches

Photo of headachesWhether they are recurring or just every once in a while, headaches can strike unexpectedly, giving you anything from a minor annoying throb to a full debilitating roar of pain. Everyone experiences these at some time or another. Did you know there are many causes and treatments for headaches themselves? In each individual case, every aspect and potential cause should be examined to ensure the best treatment. Remember that pain relievers are a temporary and quick fix, but they do not treat the underlying problem. Pain in your head can have many triggers, from stress-tension induced to diet related.

Tips For Headaches

There are several little things you can do to try and deduce the cause or gather information for your chiropractor. These tips are not difficult and can be added to your daily schedule without interference. 

  • Check Your Diet – Many times, your diet will play a huge role in headaches. An excess of caffeine or lack of water may attribute to pain. Dairy, chocolate, and certain other foods are headache triggers for many people. Ensure you get the proper amount of water and note your daily diet down to see if any foods coincide with your headaches.
  • Try Not To Slouch – Slouching may be comfortable some times, however this can greatly affect how your body carries itself and whether pain and tension develop. Try to keep yourself upright when necessary to reduce the potential for pain.
  • Take Notes – When a headache starts coming on, take notes on everything. Note location, what is going on, what you have eaten, what time the headache starts, and anything you may believe to be relevant. These will help your chiropractor determine the cause.

A chiropractor can help you create a specialized plan to treat your headaches, giving you a solution that fits your lifestyle and schedule. We also provide massage and physical therapy to help reduce the occurrence. If you need stress tension relief or other chiropractor services, call Madeira Chiropractic today at (717) 263-8919!