What is the Purpose of Electrical Stimulation?

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Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation Dangerous?

For those that have had injuries, were born with a certain condition, or are recovering from an accident then there has likely been some talk of electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation, or E-stim, may seem like something out of fiction but is actually a form of physical therapy. The method uses electrical pulses admitted through the skin to assist in the healing of muscles and nerves. E-stim can help in the process of making the body more fit, being advertised to benefit those working on physical fitness and personal appearance. 

Upon knowing this, those unfamiliar may be hesitant to consider it as an option. Whether for physical therapy or for assistance in fitness and appearance, you should reference your doctor before making a choice for electric stimulation. When done correctly, most of the time being under the supervision of a medical professional, individuals will see amazing results. At the same time, when a person knows nothing about the machine and opts to do it themselves, it can have risky results. While most products that provide electrical stimulation have safety measures, it should be stressed that one should be diligent in researching the product and have a conversation about it with their doctor. Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation houses a team of certified professionals that understand how to electrical stimulation as a therapy. In Chambersburg, PA you should call us at __PHONE__ to schedule a consultation about electrical stimulation and what good it could do for you.

What are the Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Those that have experienced electrical stimulation tend to see an improved restoration to their muscles that are either having trouble contracting or have been torn to some degree. Upon undergoing the form of therapy, recipients tend to receive an advanced form of recovery with benefits including:

  • Muscular blood flow stimulation 
  • Lesser if not neutralized muscle pain
  • Improved strength and muscle use
  • Range of motion increases over time
  • Counteract atrophy 
  • Tendons and muscle structure healed if not improved

Whether it’s through physical therapy appointments or personal use, electrical stimulation when used 20 to 60 minutes at every session will deliver grand results. It should be noted at this point however that one should seek out strict instructions from their doctor or physical therapist before undergoing such a treatment. A person can personally use the therapy one to three times per day. Doctors also agree that a person should not do more than 60 minutes on a given area or muscle so to expressly avoid muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is also possible in electrical stimulation when either turning up the electrical current too high. This can also occur when turning up the frequency or pulse duration to an extent that muscles are not inclined to deal with.

What are the Side Effects of Electrical Stimulation?

Electrical therapy can be highly beneficial to the human body, but at the same time when done improperly or without proper oversight, it can lead to unfortunate results. As previously mentioned, muscle fatigue can be a side effect whether it’s done correctly or incorrectly depending on the issue. This is because electric therapy is used for both injuries and muscle development, for the former you may feel discomfort on the road to recovery while results on muscle development differ depending on the person. During treatments, some patients do detail feeling: 

  • Pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • dizziness
  • Headaches 
  • Discomfort

Again, these side effects can occur when an injured person undergoes the treatment. On occasion, electrical stimulation will initially cause these side effects because it is the first time a person is moving their muscle since before an accident of some kind. An interesting side effect of E-stim is that a person will burn calories during the treatment. That is not to say that there will be any difference if only the therapy is considered, but combined with regular exercise and healthy dieting, a person can appear and feel much healthier.

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Do Electronic Muscle Stimulators Really Work?

Depending on what you use electrical stimulation for, it can be highly effective for you or only result in a minor discomfort with little effect. It should be absolutely mentioned that while there is massive popularity about the use of electrical stimulation in exercise, the FDA has not confirmed any such product or method that will benefit a person when they use it for personal health purposes. This means that when using it to look or feel better and not for an injury, there is not a current government ruling on whether it will even be effective. With that said, however, there is countless examples of the therapy being effective when it comes to those that are healing from injuries. Whether someone had broken a bone, torn a muscle, went through surgery, or otherwise, then they tend to lean on electrical stimulation to assist in the healing process. Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Chambersburg, PA can guarantee that when you come to us for such a therapy that you will understand entirely what’s going on when it is applied. Call __PHONE__ today to schedule your appointment.