Chiropractic Care

chiropractic careMadeira Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary practice, blending chiropractic treatment and physical therapy services for improved and sustained functional outcomes. We are passionate about helping our clients through injuries, back problems, sport strains and more. No matter what brings you to our office, you will receive the same quality care. We always cater our services to your specific needs and we never try a one size fits all approach. That is why we have built a reputation for high quality chiropractic care in Chambersburg, PA.

From the moment you enter our office, you will be greeted with friendly faces and helpful attitudes. We will begin any new patient with a consultation, during which we can help determine the best treatment plan for your needs. We will carefully explain to you what options you have and how chiropractic care and physical therapy can meet your needs. Once we have a plan set up for you, we can begin treatment. We have a variety of methods we can employ to best fit your specific situation.

Our History

chiropractic careIn February of 1985, Dr. Madeira opened his chiropractic practice in Chambersburg, PA. He began his practice shortly after graduating with honors from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. His goal was to provide a high quality of health care for his patients, and he continues to hold to this commitment today. The practice has only continued to grow in scope and ability to assist patients. The practice now also includes Physical Therapists on staff which allows patients access to a multidisciplinary approach to wellness all from one convenient location. Dr. Madeira is happy to be a well established and greatly trusted chiropractor in Chambersburg, PA. Our mission is to help our patients achieve their desired healthcare goals by implementing an individualized program just for them. We strive to offer same day scheduling with state-of-the-art equipment. But do not just take our word for it, learn more on our about us page and check out testimonials from our existing clients.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Services

We are dedicated to providing our patients with quality chiropractic care. We take the time to first consult with a new patient and determine what ailments they are suffering from. Some of the conditions we commonly treat include the following:chiropractic care

Some of the chiropractic services we provide to assist you with these conditions include things like back and neck pain relief, chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic scoliosis care, electrical muscle stimulation, orthotics, spinal disc decompression and more. Talk to us today about the consultation process and the right treatments for you. We hope to provide you with the chiropractic care in Chambersburg you need!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services

If you have been injured either in an accident or due to sports, we can assist you with the necessary physical therapy. We have skilled, accredited, Board and State certified Physical Therapists on staff who can help you find the right physical therapy plan for your needs. We can assist you with your goals and every new patient will start out with a consultation. During this time we will assess the motion you have in your joints, test strength and palpate for areas of pain.

Some of our physical therapy services include the following:chiropractic care

Talk to us today about the physical therapy in Chambersburg that we offer. We will be happy to work with you to develop the best goals for your specific needs.

Communities Served

Surrounding Locations Served

Our chiropractic office is located in Chambersburg, PA, and we are proud to provide our quality services to patients from many surrounding locations. Over the many years we have been established, we have built excellent relationships with our patients. And that good reputation has spread to nearby communities. Some of the many communities we serve include the following:chiropractic care

When you are searching for the right fit for a local chiropractor in Chambersburg, PA, we hope you will consider scheduling a consultation at our chiropractic practice. We are passionate about helping our patients find the right treatment for their personal well being. We are balanced in our approach to health and careful to ensure you know exactly why we are choosing the treatments we do. We never proceed without you understanding precisely what is transpiring. We believe in educating our patients so that they not only receive a benefit from our treatment, but they can see a long lasting affect upon their day to day life. From simple exercises and basic knowledge of how your joints and spine operate, to assisting you in learning new stretches, we work on an all encompassing approach to healing. When you visit us you will understand why we have a solid reputation as a trustworthy chiropractor in Chambersburg, PA. Call today for more information: (717) 263-8919. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your chiropractic journey.