Chiropractic Care

chiropractic careA Doctor of Chiropractic will assess and manage a patient with neuromusculoskeletal disorders by using non-surgical techniques. While many different conditions are treated by a chiropractor, often there is a focus on spinal and extremity manipulation. The DC will often discuss with the patient their primary complaint and follow up with a physical exam. Depending on the condition presented, the chiropractor may utilize blood tests, MRI, CT Scans, X-rays, or other diagnostic tests to assist in a proper diagnosis. After the condition is evaluated, the doctor will sit down with the patient and determine a plan of care. While manipulation is the primary method of treatment, this is often used in conjunction with other modalities such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, traction and exercise.

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Our patients should allow approximately one hour for their initial appointment so that the doctor can perform a thorough history, exam, and treatment. If more testing is required, our office will order relevant tests for the patient. Depending on the condition, follow up visits may be scheduled. These appointments usually last about thirty minutes. Please remember that our immediate goal is to give the patient relief from their pain as quickly as possible. However, we also want to address the underlying cause of the pain and give ideas on how to manage future episodes that may occur.

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Commonly Treated Conditions

Techniques May Include