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We Offer Probiotic Supplements in Chambersburg PA

A standard American diet can quickly create an unhealthy environment in our gut. Due to the lack of fiber in the diet, beneficial bacteria will not multiply nor survive. At Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we offer probiotic supplements in Chambersburg, PA, for patients experiencing disease, pain, digestive issues, and even inflammation. We offer probiotic pills and probiotic capsules. 

Improve Your Health and Wellness

Break Down & Metabolize Your Food

At Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we offer two possible solutions beyond probiotics to aid our clients in establishing a healthy gut environment.  These solutions are:

  • Ortho Biotic Probiotic
  • Spore Biotics

There are many ways that taking probiotic supplements can help you. The benefits include:

  • Helping with food digestion
  • Creating vitamins
  • Helping in supporting gut cells
  • Balancing friendly bacteria

Establish a Healthy Gut Environment

You can find billions of beneficial bacteria inside and outside our body that are necessary to lead a healthy life. Large portions of them live in our large and small intestines and in order to be able to metabolize our food, we need a proper balance of bacteria. These beneficial organisms, also known as probiotics, can be ingested as supplements to improve digestion and gut issues. Spore Biotics is a supplement that is able to survive the heat and acid of the digestive process. It is able to deliver greater quantities of live bacteria to your gut than other traditional capsules.
A healthy life is within reach. Do you need probiotic supplements in Chambersburg, PA? Get in touch with our team at Madeira Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, and see what probiotics we recommend for you.

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